Cracking the Instagram algorithm update

Hello friends,

As most of you have tried all sort of things to develop you Instagram engagement and following like writing a killer bio, and hashtags and blah blah blah….

And this new algorithm update sucked everything.

So today, I’m sharing with you the few Instagram secrets that will help you to overcome from this literal crisis phase.

1. Boosting Engagement

First and foremost thing, engagement is everything on Instagram now.  With this new update, posts are shown according to the engagement you make and get on your posts. Directly telling, the comments.  Comments are now more valuable than likes.  And Instagram is incredibly particular.  Comments are only considered as ranking factor if they are longer than three words.  So if someone comments emojis or “Like this!” or “Nice one”, it’s as if you didn’t receive a comment at all.

Why is post ranking important?  You would have noticed that your Instagram wall now mimics Facebook. Posts aren’t appearing in chronological order anymore.  It only displays the content that Instagram feels the user is interested in. Here are tricks to help boost your engagement:

Ask a question in your caption, or something similar to begin interaction.

It’s social media and so people always enjoy talking about themselves. With your next post, take the time to construct an easy-to-answer question, and you should definitely see an increase in comments.  Take a look at how I recently experimented the same thing.

Happy World Yoga Day 🕉 – #hirenkhambhayta #worldyogaday2017 #worldyogaday #yoga #yogaday2017 #yogaday2017

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Tip:  Respond to your comments in a timely manner.  If you can respond immediately to the comments you’re getting in the first hour of your post, that helps Instagram realize that your post is important due to all of the activity.

2. Your current followers are more important than seeking new ones.

Just running behind new followers is not the way out. Your posts will not show up on your current followers’ wall if they do not regularly interact with your brand.  So, if you keep working on getting new followers all the time and never interact with your current following, you’re actually doing yourself a big damage.  Keep your follower base active by regularly liking and commenting on their posts.

Bonus tip:  If you have free time before sharing the post, spend that time by interacting with your followers and friends. That will help to get your post faster reach.

3. Comment / Engagement Pod.

A comment pod, or simply say Instagram DirectMessage(DM) group. Is a group of Instagram users who with pre-decided terms agree to like and comment on new posts as soon as they see them.  Actually, they are helpful because they help encourage other users (outside the pod) to leave comments of their own if they see that other people are already interacting.  Lots of people are working on them nowadays, but it can be hard to find a pod for your specific niche and interest. And the other option is a Facebook group. More details at end of article.

4. Make friends & not followers

Imagine one day when Instagram announce that they are closing their service from next day. Your hard work of months or say years are all gone. So always make friends where you interact with them or say stay connected through other means also. For example Facebook groups, email interactions or even personal calls and meetings when you go to each other’s cities and help to explore the world.

See below image, an architectural masterpiece named Tomb of Babi Kings which is at the centre of Junagadh city(Gujarat, India). But almost unknown to even locals as almost in ruined condition, thanks to few local friends which we connected through Instagram that we were able to photograph them during our Junagadh Instameet.

So, want to join such comment podcasts or Facebook group? Do DM me at @hirenkhambhayta on Instagram as I am thinking to make few.
Let’s be actual friends rather than just spectators and Instagram fans.

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