Group Photo of Devalia Safari Park Wildlife Expedition 2016

Devalia Safari Park | Wildlife Expedition 2016

13-14 August 2016. One and a half day, 450+ KM, 3 cars and one of the most adventurous trip. Making life-time memories for all participants.

Day well spend at Last Home of Asiatic Lions.

[Note: All photos in this article are taken during this trip only.]

Trip in Nutshell

As unexpected, departing from Jamnagar on-time. This saved approx an hour of our schedule. So using the same at our first photography stop at Junagadh.

Bahauddin & Mahabat Maqbara - Junagadh
Panorama Shot created with photoshop photo-merge and shot with Nikon D5300 Camera & Nikon 18-140 Lens

When we are going through Jungadh how can we forget clicking few images at Bahauddin & Mahabat Maqbara. So an hour well spend clicking the beautiful architecture in its best foreground grass and cloudy sky.

Followed by travel to Sasan, hotel check-in, Dinner and Photo-Talk for an hour.

14th August 2016, 7:00AM:

Time to leave, entering the check post of Devaliya and having the Tea in the forest was like seeing the Nature at its best.
Beginning the journey from there, suddenly the first wildness comes on its way.

Indian gray mongoose at Devalia Safari Park
Indian gray mongoose at Devalia Safari Park
Nikon D5300 + Nikon 70-300
SS: 1/400 | f/5.6 | ISO-400

“Indian gray mongoose”, soon our eldest and most experienced participant Narendrabhai told it’s a sign of Luck. Though mostly all saw the mongoose but none get chanced to click as it was just a moment sighting.

Continuing from there was first birding spotting, “White-eyed buzzard”. Further moving from there, a man coming on bike from opposite side stops near us and say go fast he have heard a lion roaring on road, and so chance of seeing him on road.
The moment all heard those word, excitement was seen in everyone’s eyes. But couldn’t find anything on way.

Participants at Devalia Safari Park
Participants photographing few birds at Devalia Safari Park near parking area

Finally reached at Devalia Safari Park (also known as Devaliya Interpretation Zone) after few exciting experience which was seen in every participatants. Our target was to get first bus to get the Lions in its maximum undisturbed mood. So reached almost an hour early, so it was time to wait for the bus service to begin.
Soon the lioness roars from Inside and it was so much clear as she was just few meters away, again everyone’s heart beat bumped. But as there was time to go inside, everyone enjoyed clicking Gray langur (Hanuman langur/Monkey) having fun with their young-ones.

Soon, first trip announced and it was time to go!

Now its time for luck to come up for test, firstly we saw a lion and a lioness and soon again heard that Roar. And then there comes the roaring lioness towards us finding her colleagues.

Asiatic Lioness in her habitat at Devalia Safari Park
Asiatic Lioness in her habitat at Devalia Safari Park Nikon D5300 + Nikon 70-300 SS: 1/500 | f/7.1 | ISO-250

The moment to see and hear her Roaring was thrilling & an unforgettable experience.

Moving further, someone shouted hey its Jackal there, and then other shouted check he is with Kill. Getting closer to them, it was a full family breakfast time! And spotting total of 24 Jackal enjoying kill and fighting the same with Crows.

Continued with many Black Buck, Spotted Deer, wild boar & Blue-Bull

So, morning session was truly a Lucky-one.
(more images at end of article)

Time to get back to Sasan, followed by our Gathiya and chai (breakfast) and rest. It was time to Dinner, having traditional and specially ordered Gujarati Food (specially ordered as due to off-season during August, they are not pre-prepared)

Time to rest again and discussion and reviews on morning clicks. Now it was time to go, so we checked-out from hotel, soon we heard few birds. It was Oriental white-eye and Great Tit ( & a new Species tick for many)

Moving further after a Tea towards Interpretation Zone, soon beautiful sighting of Shikra. And the spotlight effect from leaves. One more beautiful frame. Click Click…

Reached at Interpretation Zone.
Oh, entire scene changed from morning. Parking was full and waiting for an hour or two was expecting. Still it was a chance for us, getting late is always good as light will favor us with its softness. Again spotting few lions, black-buck, spotted dears and blue-bulls.
This time luck was seeing the Lion with Kill, its said they have hunted at noon. Opportunity and Luck for this time too

So a Big day ends, departure from there towards Jamnagar.
And soon Nature tells it’s not the end keep your eyes open. Spotting Barn Owl, Indian Night-jar and Indian Fox on way was also a beautiful sighting experience.

Species we witnessed:

– 4 lioness & 1 Lion (with kill)
– 24 Jackal (with kill)
– Black-Buck
– Wild Boar
– Spotted Dear
– Indian fox
– Gray langur
– Blue-Bull

– Barn Owl
– Great Tit
– Oriental White-eye
– Indian Night Jar
– White-eyed buzzard
– Shikra
– Honey buzzad
– Wire Tailed Swallow
and many more common birds

Photos of Trip

Planning to visit Devaliya Park?
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