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Hope you have sorted out all 5 Instagram Tips shared in previous post.

In reply to the previous post, most friends had asked for “Which hashtags to use and which works better and such”.

So, sharing all the stuff learned till date by me from various sources and personal Direct Messages from lots of people in this project.
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Instagram hashtag tips


The genuine way to get likes follows and get your work recognised. But how it works? Let’s understand it in detail.

Firstly hope you guys know the meaning of it. The words with # at the beginning and it makes its own public gallery where people and lots of community visit and check images.

Which #hashtags to use?

As the main intention of hashtags is to spread the reach of a post to most people. So, technically use some 30-40% global hashtags which are popular and gets lots of visits and give your post initial boost. 30-40% national level tags which are on an average active and remaining 20-40% the actual post related tags.

What are these global & national and popular tags and all? What does it mean?

Actually, the more popular hashtag which gets lots of photos tagged every second has its life lesser. Just check #instagram it’s so much popular but when you use it your photo goes scrolled down to thousands in just a second. So you have just a second to show. This means such heavy popular tags will feel like popular and lots of people using it but it’s totally useless for getting your work the exposure you want. Similar way the less popular tags will get fewer posts but your photo remains on first some 50-100 photos for a long time.
So, use the best combination which works better for you.

Are you using some popular tags like #love, #like4like, #instagram #photooftheday, #picoftheday and so on? Don’t waste your worth hashtags on such too popular tags as it’s will not do anything more than some 2-5 likes as then your photo will below some 100 photos in a second. And that 2-5 likes also one time. Just go and check the images under them, how many likes they get. There is no one to check images under them the full day and giving your images the likes. So strongly prefer not to use such heavy popular tags.

How many #hashtags can be used?

30 is the formal limit, any more than that will not be added by Instagram. But most would have seen people use more than that; actually, it’s a hack or can say a trick or intentional way.
First, don’t add any hashtags in the caption, keep it just simple caption whatever you write. Post it, add 30 hashtags in the comment.
Now go to the edit post option and in that add further 30, yes it will be added and make it 60 in total. But have a caution and you would be able to edit the post tags only 1-2 times only and no further tags can be added in the comment.

How do I use?

After posting an image, I use all global tagsĀ in the comment which expire in some 20-30 mins giving the exposure which they can give. Make sure to have the tag copied from the post and use them in the comment just after the post. As each second counts in these highly popular hashtags. Though can be deleted in an hour as it gets too deep in the scroll.
Then edit the post and add country based and location based tags. Which stays in top 100 for an hour or even a day and keep giving the needed exposure they can give.

What do I use?

I have a bunch of few hashtags depending on the genre I post like some for wildlife and some for street and some for travel. Will share set of almost all genre soon. If interested to know they you can subscribe for the same through email over here.

Prefer some notepad or such app (I use Google keep) from where you can store hashtags and then copy and paste on Instagram.
Make sure in each comment and caption hashtags don’t exceed 30 else Instagram will not allow them to post.

Never under-estimate the location tags:

So when you are posting a photo from a specific place (say city palace Udaipur), don’t forget #citypalaceudaipur and #udaipur as all the upcoming visitors will be checking this tag for ideas. And so through a slow flow of exposure, but it would last for days and sometimes even up to months. Same applies for all city and locations.

At last, would say that it’s Content which is the King. So however good you manage your hashtags you will get likes and exposure if your content is worth.

What should be the next topic? Any else suggestions? Anything you found worth sharing to this project?

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