5 Instagram tips for Beginner

Project DIG into INSTAGRAM

Welcome to the GAME guys! Yes, I called it a game because when a simple image by a people reaches some 1000+ likes on Instagram and a beautiful and strong image doesn’t even get 100 likes. It is a game of hashtags and some Instagram tips & tricks which common men might not be aware of.

Have a cup of coffee and sit somewhere comfortable as you will be getting very useful information.


An introduction to my journey on Instagram and this project:

As you are here, most of you would be knowing me (Instagram ID: @hirenkhambhayta). Had joined Instagram 4 years back with 0 followers and had initiated a local Instagram community named “Instagram Jamnagar”. In almost 3 years (last December), I reached some 1000 followers and some 100 likes/photo only. Even though they were exhibited in the biggest exhibition of the city and got a lot of appreciations from visitors.

At that time I thought, if the image is good enough why isn’t it getting a good exposure on Instagram?

And then this project came to my mind. It took me 2 months of research and the amazing result of it is shown in the below image:


What was the magic that I had done on Instagram?

It wasn’t any kind of magic. Some know-how of Website Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO is another hobby of mine)and few detailed surveys and experiments were enough. I had shared my research in previous newsletters and I would be sharing those Instagram Tips here as well; so stay tuned!


I would like to suggest some Instagram tips to improve your Instagram presence:

Let’s work on your Instagram Profile first.


1. Make your profile “Public”

Yes, if your profile is “Private” no one will be able to see your work, no one will follow you and none of your photos on any hashtags will be available to people. People will send “Follow request” to you, you will accept them and they will have to come and check your gallery. But when they find your content not-so-interesting, they will unfollow you; and you will feel people are playing the follow-unfollow game with you.

If you want it to keep it “Private”, I would not be able to help your profile grow.


2. Your Instagram ID:

Yes, your Instagram ID or username (e.g. @hirenkhambhayta).

  • Make sure it doesn’t contain any special characters; at least at the beginning of your username. I have seen people using @_m_y_n_a_m_e_i_s_h_i_r_e_n . Honestly, who is going to type that?
  • Try to keep it simple. You should try to match it to the name you have on your profile like I have my name as “Hiren Khambhayta” on the profile and my id is “@hirenkhambhayta“. So it would be easy for people to remember it while searching your name or mentioning you in any comment.
    Note: If that’s not available, you can use _ in between your first name & last name (@hiren_khambhayta).
  • Don’t make your ID look funky; I have seen people use @Crazyboy or say @babydoll. To build a better and active follower base a trustworthy name is a must. So try to keep it as original as possible (girls who don’t want to show full name can use just first name or pet names).

Que: I have lots of followers and friends, how would they know about my new ID?
Ans: Don’t worry if they are active and following you, will soon see your new ID in their feed with your new images. If you are changing both the username and profile name, have a 2-week gap in between them.


3. Selfies:

If you want to show your work then why do you need selfies on your feed, remove all of them in case you have. There is space for them in Story Board or some of your private accounts, only for family.
Because no one here is interested in what you are wearing, where you are and what you are doing or eating.
So remove all of such photos.


4. Sort out your Gallery:

Is your gallery totally messy? Most of us would be having it messy. People coming to your gallery would be confused. There would be some portraits, some black and white, some buildings, some pets, some insects, some leaves, some landscapes, etc.
It’s all mess! Stick to one or two genres which you are best at and remove all other images.

But if you like clicking multiple genres of photography, don’t share them randomly. Make series of 9-12 of such photos and make a grid in form of 3×3 or 4×3 on our profile grid. (I do it with travel series whenever I post them along with street photos). Or you can also simply post them alternatively, just like how I am doing it currently.

Which genre works better?
On Instagram, I have seen Street Photography (for which Instagram was made) and travel works better than other categories. But you should prefer whatever you feel better; people share pics of their dogs only or only view from their car. Do whatever fascinates you and you are a master in, but stick to one or two themes.


5. Follower to following ratio:

How many people follow you and how many people do you follow?
On a general basis, it’s 70% but never cross the 80% numbers of people who follow you (as in best and toughest case only 50% would be active ones; the rest will be all inactive and fake).
So if 1000 people follow you don’t follow more than 800 people.

Note: Don’t unfollow people at one go, for e.g. don’t unfollow more than 300 accounts in a single day​ or 60 in an hour else Instagram will think you are a bot working with some automation software and block you for some 24 hours or sometimes completely. The best trick will be to unfollow 5 people, count 1 to 5 and do next 5. Continue for 50-70 ones, and wait for some hour or such and then do it again. And this way you can unfollow 500-700 people in a day, just make sure you don’t do it too fast.


So you have 5 tasks for yourself at present.

1: Make your profile Public
2: Change your username to the one that is easy for all. (Not necessary, if you have a suitable one already).
3: Removing all selfies, family images and other such stuff which can distract your followers, from your gallery.
4: Shape your gallery with some specific genre and remove all out-of-topic images.
5: Unfollow all inactive accounts.

And at last: Make a note somewhere, how many people you currently follow, how many people follow you and how many likes you get currently on an average. It will help you to compare the success of the project at the end when we complete it.


So all these Instagram tips and upcoming stuff for Free?

Not at all, I would be expecting something from you too!

– Keep sharing your love in form of likes and genuine feedback in comments on Instagram to improve my work and gallery. You can find me on Instagram at @hirenkhambhayta

– We are working on this project together and it’s not my project alone (at least after you are reading this article), so keep sharing with me the stuff you come across or anything you find worth informing or sharing which can help our Project to be better.

– And do “Turn On Post Notifications” on my gallery if you find them worthy, as I will be sharing a lot of things in upcoming days and I don’t want you to miss in lots of images on Instagram daily. Just click on the three dots at top right corner on my gallery to get the option. I promise will that I will not give more than one notification in a day unless it’s anything urgent. (Again not compulsory, just a request)


And at last, the main thing.
Don’t forget to share the Project with your Instagram Friends. You can use your Instagram gallery post or story or your WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups or just word of mouth as the way to share it. Let your friend also grow with us!

That’s it for now, I will be happy to read your reviews of this first post on 5 Instagram tips for Beginner on project through Direct Message on Instagram at @hirenkhambhayta