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Stay Connected - Instagram Tip

Getting to today’s topic, “Stay Connected”

Yes, one of the biggest thing which most of us are missing to improve our follower base. Simply saying in making the active follower base.

What’s this, Stay connected and Interaction and connection and all? And why?

Actually more you get engaged to people the more n more people will engage with you and it will help to build your genuine and active follower base. We have seen some accounts with some 20-30k followers but only some 100 people out of them like and comment. Whereas there are some with 5k followers but they get more than 1000 likes. That where this active follower base matters. More u communicate n interact with your followers more they will be active and trustworthy in return. Can say you will make your new Instagram friends group.

Ways to stay connected:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Reply to others story
  • Using your story effectively

Understanding the effective use of Like, comment and story


The heart shaped like button or double tap on image which shows you like that post

Keep sharing your love. Instead of just seeing the photo, double tap that. Actually, it will encourage the person to check back your post, which most big accounts do (trick) and get some 5 follow out of 100 likes.

As per Instagram story update which came before some months, we don’t see the posts sorted by time but only those with which we interact mostly. So it’s one of the ways to get your post on others timeline. U like others post and they like back your posts n interaction begins, this tells Instagram algorithm that both are interacting with each other’s post and so your post will appear at top positions when they open the app.

U guys might have seen that most of my photos appear on your timeline scroll and don’t have to scroll a lot. As per their report, my posts get likes by 1 person out of 2 seeing it. So that will appear an interacting post and will appear among top posts on most people’s timeline.

So simply saying, just keep sharing your like if u felt that image is worth. But make sure u don’t spam by liking all photos as that will effect negatively and you might get blocked.

Comment :

A better way to bring attention n better interactions. Firstly when a person gets some 500+ likes at that stage there is a chance your “LIKE” notification is missed, and then comment option is the crack.

There will be some 10-20 comments only on most posts. And so it’s for sure that your comment will be checked, and that increases a lot more chance that the person will check back your profile and chance of following back or reply back. Many times lots of people follow back if you are constantly commenting on their posts.

Again don’t spam them, don’t go and comment on all photos. Share your actual and genuine feedback as and when it is posted and not bulk commenting on all of the photos.

Simply saying 1 comment will bring more attention and begin connection compared to 50likes. So from now onward don’t hesitate to share your views and feedback in comments whenever u have them.


(The one you see at top of your timeline in circle form)

So there are two ways to get benefit from them share your story and reply back to others story.

  1. Share your story: Try to share any sort of inspiration or ideas u find, it’s the way to share what u see. The thing which we used to share on our gallery before a year, so now only share the best work on your feed and share everything thing else on the story. It can be the thing you like throughout the day and want to share or find some interesting post of other and want to re-post them. But keep the limit in that also, keep it limited n interesting else people will ignore.
  2. Reply to others story: One more way to get connected n begin the intersection is trying to reply to the story which you like or have any feedback. People are always waiting for the response and your reply will begin interaction and a chance you would make a new Instagram friend and well-wisher.

So after this article hopes to see more of your likes and comments on my posts 😜. N will try to make sure I will try to get back to your profile once in a month by liking my favorite photos and feedback’s in comments.

Soon I will be using my own hashtag #hirenkhambhayta to check your photos as with new algorithm update its almost impossible to get see all posts on my feed. So prefer using #hirenkhambhayta on your photos in caption or comments, and I will check all of them.